Our White Flag is Up, Winter

“I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood.” – Bill Watterson

The snow just won’t stop coming. It snows every day. And there’s another decent storm on the horizon. I’m working so hard to stay positive and try to find some peace among the snowy chaos but it’s challenging. Very challenging. My usual ways of keeping myself grounded aren’t doing the trick. The days are long and my patience has become short. The day in and day out tasks of living our lives around this snow become three times more work. From dressing everyone in snow gear to walk out the door to the daily shoveling out of the car. For us, city living means street parking, which equals buried cars and ruthless competition for parking spots during snow storms. I’m more inclined to use public transportation than risk moving the car and losing our spot. Normally, public transportation can be a fun adventure. The bus or train is so exciting to the boys. They really love it. Yet during snow storms, these adventures require a lot more stamina for a 4 and 1 year old.  The boys walk outside and the snow mounds tower over them and their footings isn’t so steady given the semi shoveled sidewalks. They tire easily so we have to be mindful of how long these trips will be. A simple walk up to the square under normal conditions is usually a great way to burn off energy and get some fresh air. But with the amount of snow, that simple walk can feel like an overwhelming task. (But we’re doing it anyway….)

And then I step back and look beyond the end of my nose.  I’ve kept this story bookmarked and when I feel like I’m about to really lose it, I read it and remind myself that despite how hard it feels, I’m living a life of luxury comparatively and have nothing to really complain about.  Those less fortunate than me trying to get by and live their lives through this snow are truly struggling and moving heaven and earth to get to work and carry on with their lives.

This snow is hard on all of us, but I’m just going to keep taking deep breaths and throw a snowball to get out the frustration.

bus stop  Big Brother watching the snow plows at the bus stop.

IMG_5787 Walking to the train station.

IMG_5778The backyard has become a maze of pathways & tunnels.

IMG_5827Snowy bike path en route to the square.

2 thoughts on “Our White Flag is Up, Winter

  1. I am so thoroughly enthralled by your blog. Love my Southern environment more each time I see the news. You are a beautiful writer and a down-to-Earth loving Momma. Can’t wait to read your next post. Jane Massey

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