A Slow Down Friday

“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.”  -Eddie Cantor

It has been a busy week filled with a lot of activities, classes and playdates.  All good fun, but not much room for down time.  Lately, I have been feeling as though we may be overbooked and are in need of more unplanned, unstructured time.  Even though we did just finish a lot of unstructured time due to all the blizzards and snow days, for some reason it just feels different to choose a day of nothing planned instead of being forced to stay inside.  So today we pumped the breaks and have spent our day at a much slower pace.

After breakfast, we did some exploring with light on our overhead projector.  The kids played with color mixing and we had some discussion about transparent vs opaque.

Color mixing
Color mixing


Because I am steering this ship by myself for a few days while Dada travels for work, I will not make it to the yoga studio.  So today was a home practice day.  This is always a circus. Most days though, the boys hang on me like a jungle gym for the first 5 minutes or so and then they just get bored with my yoga and do their own thing. On good days, I can actually get in about a 20 minute practice. Better than nothing…I’ll take it.  IMG_6313 IMG_6249So I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of people trying to do yoga at home and pets getting in the way? Try kids.

After getting out some energy during our yoga session, the boys decided to settle in for some creating. Ever since Valentine’s Day, Big Brother has really been into the idea of making cards.  I receive about 4 or 5 a day. Love.

Gluing & Coloring Glitter! Big brother is also working on perfecting the art of drawing a house. This image is created over and over and over. This little houseI introduced a letter sequencing game that I had read about here. For Big Brother he had to connect the pins using rubber bands in alphabetical order. Little One had shapes and was feeling like a big boy doing the same game as his brother.

rubber bands working together rubber bandsBig Brother helped prepare his lunch before settling into quiet time while Little One took a nap.

Lunch preperation quiet timeAfter everyone rested up, we suited up for a walk and a little outdoor play.  Though it was brief because it’s COLD out there! (as usual).  Dada has been teaching Big Brother to climb to the top of snow mountains and claim his “king of the world” status.

King of the world!Happy Friday!

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