A Few Small Moments

“Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.”  ― Charles Bukowski

It’s been lovely this week watching the snow melt away. Even though we had a snow shower this afternoon, I know that warmer days are on the horizon and we’re ready to start diving into some spring time joys. This week we enjoyed our neighborhood library’s story time with the ever charming librarian, Kate.

Reading Trashy Town

Big Brother wrote a letter to his pen pal.  He was lucky enough to have met his soul mate at the age of 2 months. He and his dear friend spent what felt like every day together until they moved an hour north about a year ago. True, it’s not too far to visit and we do, but it is too far to see her every day. We had the grand idea to become pen pals with her. He’s really into the process of writing letters, addressing envelopes, and mailing letters. This new project is very exciting to him!

Some mornings are calm.

Morning train construction
Morning train construction

We’ve been talking about and learning a lot about space recently. We went to the Science Museum today to learn a little more about our solar system.

Studying the sun
Studying the sun

The boys were really into making things today. After spending the past few weeks reading Lemonade in Winter, they decided to make some homemade lemonade. And then chocolate chip cookies, too…because, why not?

A little bit of chill time.

Snuggles and snack


Starbucks with a rainy view

starbucksSince every single picture these days is taken on an iPhone, Big Brother asked if he could inherit my old point and shoot. It’s been glued to his hand ever since. He documents a million small moments a day. Taking after me.

cameraA few jam sessions. The first is the boys playing with a song written on the spot accompanied by the out of tune guitar and of course, the sauce pot banjo. The second is a family jam…lately it’s all about Paul Simon.

What fun did you get into this week?

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