On the Road


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” -Saint Augustine

After a long, snowy winter at home we have finally packed our bags and hit the road. On the way to the airport, my husband and I were trying to remember the last time we traveled. Seven months. For us, that is a really long time. Under normal circuIMG_6998mstances, we travel often given that our closest grandparent is about 900 miles away (and the farthest relative is about 10,000 miles away in Australia). After our final adventure last summer, we made a vow to sit still and spend all of the holidays in our new home. I cherished (nearly) every moment of that time, but I didn’t fully realize until today that I have missed getting our family out of town. It is a chance to let go of all the schedules, obligations, cares, and worries and just focus on the moment. Now that our boys are getting older, there’s less of a frenzy to keep them distracted and entertained while en route to our destination because they are starting to be old enough to enjoy the journey. SuIMG_6999re there were hectic moments navigating the long route to the airport via subway and bus. But once we arrived at the airport, I felt myself exhale and the boys actually cheered, “We’re here!”

In the past I have created count downs and really played up the anticipation to our next trip to come. I was so pleased to see that Big Brother had his own genuine excitement for the adventure on the horizon. He initiated his own count down to the trip. Every night before bed he would talk about how excited he was to see his family. He made lists the things he wanted to do while visiting. He daydreamed about being on a plane again.

One of many airplane pictures drawn in the weeks leading up to our trip
One of many airplane pictures drawn in the weeks leading up to our trip

Today’s traveling was especially exciting for me because Big Brother is in über question mode. Getting out of your everyday routine and putting yourself in places you do not normally go is the perfect recipe for questioning. He asks nearly 8 million questions a day and I do my best to answer each and every one as best I can. I also take the opportunity to admit when I don’t know the answers to his questions, because there are many times when I do not. When we hit a subject I know nothing about, I like to show him ways to discover the answer. I have had to remind him numerous times that no adult knows all the answers…to which he replied, “Except for Mr. Rogers, Mama. He knows everything.” So a small sampling of today’s list of questions: why are there so many subway stops to the airport? what does 3-1-1 mean? what is that person talking about (at every overhead announcement)? what is our gate number? why does it have a letter and a number? when can we walk down that tunnel to the airplane? why can’t I put my tray table down now? what are those lights up there for? can I stand up and push that button? where are those other planes going? how fast is the plane going? is that an island down there? are we *IN* the clouds? are we *ABOVE* the clouds!? are we landing now? what makes that luggage belt move?…..And you know I actually enjoy taking the time to really talk to him about every little moment. It is so fun to see the world through his eyes right now and watch the wheels turning in his head. IMG_7021

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