May Day

We worked so hard for sunshine and warmth this year. I have lived in the New England area for 15 years and have never experienced a winter quite like this one. It was intense, demanding, and really tested ones strength of mind and body.I almost cracked, but in the end, I made it through. Giving it a little space, I want to remember the winter of 2015 fondly. Like delivering a baby, eventually you somehow manage to forget the pain. I’d rather remember that it was a winter that taught me to appreciate space on the sidewalk, parking any time you need it, and walking out the door in a carefree manner.

Big Brother’s playgroup held a May Day celebration this week. It was a lovely event with bright sunshine, dancing around the May pole, and a delicious strawberry + cream treat to follow. A beautiful way to welcome the warmer weather and transition into our next season. May is a very busy, but exciting time in our family. Little One joined our family on Mother’s Day, two years ago. It is also my birthday month and our wedding anniversary. Lots to celebrate and to be thankful for during this beautiful month.

Welcome to full blown spring! Happy May!

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