“There’s no place like home.” –Dorothy

home depot, paint, painting bedroom
Getting ready to paint Big Brother’s room! He watched every step of the paint making process like a hawk!

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of thought and energy put into our home. From building up our garden to painting the walls and lately, working with our architect on the plans for our future first floor renovation. I’ve spent countless hours brainstorming, planning, and researching ways to make our home work best for our family. When we bought this house a little over a year ago, we knew that this would be our home for a long time. It is in our dream location; it is an urban location within walking distance to everything from grocery stores and shops to the subway. All the while being a tight-knit community with tons of families and friendly neighbors. To top it off, we live across the street from the best playground. But our house is small and we knew that in order to make it work for our family, there were going to have to be a lot of changes. I’m extremely excited about the upcoming renovations, but dreading living through the 4-6 months of construction it will take to get there. It is going to take a great deal focus on the end result to keep our sanity as walls come down and the kitchen temporarily disappears. But worth it.

tire swing, playground, brothers
Brother love on the tire swing at the playground
garden, watering, helpers
My garden helpers

Since starting our front yard garden last month, I’ve found so much joy in caring for my plants and adding things here and there. The boys love putting on their gardening gloves to help me weed and water the garden. While we were setting up the garden a month ago, Big Brother discovered the joys of rollie pollies. We have since spent some time researching rollie pollies and have watched several YouTube videos on rollie pollies habitats. This week while we were working in the garden, he was delighted to find a snail with a yellow shell. His favorite color! When we found the snail, he decided he wanted to use his bug catcher to create a snail habitat. After a little bit of online searching we found this video that told us all we needed to know to create a happy home for our snail. And since then, every day he checks on his snail, sprays his soil with water and feeds him lettuce. He’s motivated to care for his found pet. Simple pleasures.

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