Choosing Home

Choosing Home I was recently asked to contribute an essay to this incredible book published last week, Choosing Home: 20 Mothers Celebrate Staying Home, Raising Children, and Changing the World. I feel honored to have my story surrounded by 19 other beautiful and inspiring narratives of mothers who have made the choice to be home with their children. What I love about this book is that each mother’s unique path to staying home has taken its distinctive turns and faced its own challenges, yet in the end every mother feels that choosing to be home with their children is the most rewarding and fulfilling choice. This book celebrates the joys of allowing oneself to be fully submerged into motherhood and the up-bringing of our children. In the short time this book has been available, it has been well-received. One reviewer took my breath away and I was choking back the tears as I read how it moved her.

“Ten weeks ago I had a beautiful baby girl. While I knew life would be very different after she arrived, I still planned on returning to work and planned on being Mom in the evenings and weekends. I’m a career driven individual and I’ve been telling myself for weeks that I’ll be a good example to my daughter if I continue working and people do this Mom and work thing all the time, it can easily be done by me. In two hours I have a scheduled call with my boss to discuss my return to work after maternity leave. I’ve been in tears this morning as I watch my beautiful daughter sleep because I will miss out on these moments when I go back to work. And then I read the first story in this book by Lauren Key Burns. I just chose home.” –Tania, Amazon reviewer

Until the end of May, this book is available on Amazon for your Kindel for free! Please take the time to check it out and share with those who may enjoy it.

One of the topics I wrote about in my essay was how in many ways, the choice to stay home with my children was something I was born to do. As I reflected on my path and how I found myself spending my days with my boys, I kept thinking about how so many steps in my life had lead me to staying home. From a very young age, I felt drawn to caring for and spending my time with children, even when I was still a child myself. A week after I finished my piece and submitted it, my mother randomly sent me a collection of photos that she was clearing out of her house to get ready for her move. There in this bag of photos was proof of what I had just written about. Picture after picture showed me at a range of ages and always with a kid in my lap. It’s as if I have been preparing for this role my whole life.

I easily chose home when my children entered my life. What about you? Did you or your partner choose to stay home with your children? How did you make that choice? Did you have the choice?

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