A Few Small {Summer} Moments

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

This week has been the epitome of how I envision our summer playing out. I love that we have a clear schedule and time to do whatever our hearts desire. We’re just riding the wave of summer, doing and going as the opportunities present themselves. If we can just repeat this week for about twelve more weeks then our summer will be perfection.

Our week started off with a trip to the museum of science with a neighborhood buddy. The museum had a really lovely story time paired with a live animal presentation. They read the story, Henny Penny, by projecting the pages of the book on a screen so everyone could see. There were puppets to accompany the book and they completed the show by bringing out some baby chicks. After the storytime, we stumbled on an engineering activity in the discovery center and the kids were able to experiment with creating paper bridges, as well as explore scales.

Mid week we enjoyed some hang around, do nothing days. The boys have been loving playing with a collection of Australian animal figurines that my husband brought them from his trip. We have been talking a lot about habitats recently and we spent a morning researching the Australian animals’ habitats. Then created a home for each of them. Given that the boys had not seen some of these animals before, we also watched a handful of nature videos to get an idea of what the animals are like in the wild. Big Brother really got into creating the homes for each animal and has since enjoyed playing with them in their habitats. I made a mistake creating this big piece in the middle of the kitchen floor. It’s quickly getting destroyed this week…but sometimes it’s about the process and not product, right? Next time I’ll put it on a moveable board. Live and learn.

Australian Animal Habitats
Australian Animal Habitats

Finally, we enjoyed our first beach day! It was the perfect day for it given the temperatures are flirting with 90 degrees. The boys had a blast. Little One was a bit hesitant about the water which is drastically different from last summer when he would go charging into the ocean. But he was quite content digging in the sand for a *long* time. Big Brother chased and then ran from the tide with his best friend, searched for sea shells, and had fun burying his buddy in the sand.

Summer fun, keep it coming.

Little One uncertain  of the ocean
Little One uncertain of the ocean

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