Fun with Tools

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” –Jim Rohn

tree house base

A few weeks ago, I scored this miniature tree house structure on a Buy Nothing Facebook groupFor a while now, I have been drooling over these charming fairy tree houses that sell for way too much money on the various natural toy websites. So when I saw this tree house structure looking for a new home, I jumped at the chance to build my own. I bought a few slices of wood and wooden dowels at the art store. I like to think of myself as being fairly crafty, but not super skilled with woodwork. My neighbor, however, who upon becoming a homeowner immediately bought himself a circular saw to commemorate the occasion, was eager to help. Granted this power saw was way more than we needed for the simple job of cutting dowels, but he was happy to have an opportunity to use the saw and Big Brother was drawn to the power of tools. He was so intrigued by the experience with the saw that he wanted to experience more woodworking. Unfortunately, no one in our house is super handy and we don’t have too many interesting tools to offer.

The next day I decided to give him a taste of working with tools and wood by taking him to a great little museum that has a children’s woodworking shop. Big Brother was in heaven. He selected a piece of wood, used a saw to cut it, drilled some holes, and finally hammered a nail into his wood. He decided his creation would make an excellent hook to hang some of his latest homemade jewelry (the boy loves some beads). Next to the wood shop is a small art studio space with an endless supply of recycled materials to use for creations. Big brother colored and glued decorations to his homemade hook. It was really lovely!

After our work at the wood shop, I was eager to try my own hand at some wood work now that our wooden dowels were cut and ready for building onto our tree house base. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I felt quite proud of myself for grabbing the power drill and some screws and guiding myself through this creation. I finished feeling accomplished! Just as Big Brother did with his hook. We still have plans to add some swings, ladders and stairs. The possibilities are endless! I’ll update with pictures once we deck out our tree house with all the extras.

Just to be clear, I have been calling it the “fairy tree house” because its oh-so-charming, but my boys + their imagination will certainly (and hopefully) make this structure into many, many other things. For instance, this morning, it was a race car ramp/launcher/garage. Big Brother’s wheels were turning as he was telling me about the car elevator we need to build. I can see this simple wood structure getting a LOT of play in our future!

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