A Few Small Moments

“A good life is a collection of happy moments.” –Denis Waitley

Lately, my boys are really into each other. Most of the time they play well together, are very loving towards each other, and miss each other when the other is away. Little One will often say, “Where is my brother? I need my brother.” When they are away from each other, they consider each other in all they do. I was out for a walk with Little One and he was collecting rocks. As he put them into his pocket I heard him say, “One for me, and one for my brother.” At the art studio, Little One made himself a cardboard tube telescope and then promptly made a second one for his brother. Big Brother also cares a great deal for being with, holding hands, and caring for Little One. It’s pure sweetness.

brotherly love
brotherly love

A few weeks ago, we finally got around to hanging up our new porch swing that was an anniversary gift from my mother/father-in-law. This swing has been such a joy! It is everyone’s favorite spot to read. At least once a day the kids will pile into the swing with us to read a book or two. At the days end is also a favorite time of mine to sit in the swing. Cold drink in hand and watching the world go by. We are fortunate to know many of our neighbors and I’ve found the easiest way to catch up with folks it to just sit on my porch at the end of the day. In a matter of minutes, someone I know will walk by and chat.

porch swing
porch swing

Big Brother has been enjoying some fun camps this summer. While he’s off having summer fun, Little One and I have had special time, just the two of us. We play, go for walks, out for lunch, and having my husband working at home means he’s also been “working with Dada”. Lately, Little One is really into babies. Our good friends around the corner have a little one that he is especially focused on and this comes out in his play as he ever so sweetly cares for his babydolls by feeding them, putting them to bed, and wearing them around the house in his homemade baby sling. I’ve also delightfully discovered that Little One loves to help me clean! Score! (for now) He loves to vacuum, put toys away(with some direction), and any chance to throw something in the trash is super exciting to him.

Big Brother has shown a stronger interest in writing and a little bit of reading lately. Making grocery lists, labeling drawings and of course, working on his birthday wish list has been fun. He’s also feeling really confident with simple CVC words. I pulled out a dice game to let him practice his spelling & reading CVC words. Lately he’s also really intrigued by airplanes and things that fly. He was in heaven pretending to fly a plane at the children’s museum last week. I was excited to find a science camp that focus on things that fly that he’ll attend later this month. He’s going to love it! Also while we were at the museum, he got the chance to “catch” some crabs down by the dock.

We got the chance to head out to the park last night for picnic and jazz concert. It was gorgeous night with a beautiful view of the city and lots of room to run around. Little One was most excited about the instruments in the jazz band. When he saw the saxophone, he began to mimic playing a saxophone. At a break, the musicians allowed the kids to come up and enjoy a bit of an instrument petting zoo. He was thrilled to get a chance to see it up close! He also managed to sneak his way over the the microphone and gave me a shout out in the audience by shouting “Hi, Mama!” into the microphone. I had this sudden flash forward to my music destined boy giving his mom a shout out during a show.

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