Beaches, Bubbles & Bike Rides

Summer: Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better.

We had the pleasure of having two invites to friends’ beach houses this week. Our first trip was down to Cape Cod, for the second time this summer. Our friend’s charming house was in a sleepy little neighborhood right on the bay with its own playground, tennis courts, and pool. Given this neighborhood is full of speed bumps and slow-moving cars, Big Brother got to experience what it is like to ride his bike in the street and even around the block without us. Something he could never do in the city! It was very freeing for him and the smile on his face was wide. In the few days we were there we managed to pack a lot in…swimming, BBQing, playing at the beach, playgrounds, and carousels.

During our last day on the Cape, we visited this gorgeous estate that houses art and garden shows, as well as summer concerts. While we were visiting, there was a fairy house display on their grounds with over thirty fairy houses to discover. With map in hand, the boys really loved seeking out and finding these treasures spread throughout the grounds and their woods. It was magical. After exploring, we settled down on a picnic blanket to watch the kids band/performers, Toe Jam Puppet Band. The show included everything from massive bubbles to chase to fun music and silly storytelling. Our friends had told us en route to the show that these guys were like the pied piper of children’s entertainment and it was true. The kids were memorized and entertained for at least an hour. It was a perfect summer night complete with a stop at the ice cream truck and some time after the show to roll down their massive, grassy hills!

After being home for a few days, we then headed north to Plum Island where our friends have a picturesque beach house right on the quiet bay with the ocean side beach just steps away on the other side of the street. It was a busy day of digging in the sand, chasing waves, turning logs into pirate ships and kicking back to enjoy the ocean breeze on the hammock. While at the beach the boys stumbled upon a guy flying a remote control airplane which stopped them all in their tracks. Both my husband and the boys were sitting quietly watching and whispering about how awesome it would be to have one of their own one day. I also loved watching Big Brother as the oldest boy among the kids be the leader of the pack and navigate all the younger boys through their imaginative play. Everyone played so sweetly together. It was a joy to watch. We feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to savor all of these lovely spots with friends this summer. It’s made for some fantastic summer memories for sure!

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