Not Back to School

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”  –John Dewey

Not back to school
Not back to school

September has arrived and we are preparing to say good-bye to carefree summer days and welcome in the new season. The last month of our summer was a good one. We had a lot of unstructured, unplanned days and rode the summer wave, enjoying the places and activities it led us to finding. We unplugged, checked out, and took things easy. As you may have noticed, I even backed off on blog posts and was focusing more on living in the moment.

Big Brother is cognizant of the fast approaching fall season and wants to reminisce on all of the things we love most about this season, from the cooler days to adventures of apple picking and leaf peeping. As homeschoolers, we don’t have that first day of school threshold that marks a big change as it does for so many of our friends, as evident by the adorable back to school pictures that flood my Facebook feed. Yet, despite lacking that marked day, we still feel the shift and get excited as we discuss the changes on the horizon. With the fall comes a different rhythm to our days. More classes, playgroups, and homeschool park days show up on our calendar and a more recognizable schedule starts to fall into place. What doesn’t really change is our approach to learning and exploring because through our lifestyle of natural learning/unschooling, there is not a huge difference in summer days vs “the school year”. Big Brother has now entered the Kindergarten age and as more people begin to understand our choice in homeschooling, I often hear the question, “So will you start homeschooling in September?” This question can make me chuckle a little because as natural learners, we’re always engaging in homeschooling whether it’s a summer day, a Monday morning or a Saturday afternoon. And this is what I love most about this way of life; we are learning all the time.

So we are not back to school. Instead we are business as usual in our learning journey but still look forward to and embrace the season’s shift and new adventures it will bring.

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