A Few Small {Fall} Moments

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” –Emily Bronte

fall is here
Fall is here

Fall is in the air. Temperatures finally dropped a bit this week and I’ve noticed some colors beginning to pop throughout the trees. I’m pulling out warmer clothes and battling the season wardrobe change with Big Brother. I’ve talked to a few other moms and thankfully found that I am not alone in the fight. Each day he either refuses pants or long sleeve. I can usually get one of these articles of clothing on him successfully with some negotiation or gentle persuasion, but never both. One morning, the meltdown was so intense that it took us nearly an hour to get out the door. Lots of tears. After that I decided for now to just stop fighting it and I just bring along whatever clothing he has refused in case he changes his mind. Though he never does. I hope once we say goodbye to the warmer days for good this will be less of an issue because the warmer day clothes will just stop being available. Despite Big Brother’s conflicted feelings on his fall wardrobe, his affection for its activities does not waver. This week he surprised me with this lovely drawing of one of his favorite fall activities that we will hopefully be enjoying in the coming weeks. He even wrote the word fall all on his own.

apple picking
apple picking

With fall comes the start of soccer. Big Brother has never played soccer before but I knew of a great homeschool soccer group that I had been wanting to check out and so when I asked if he wanted to try soccer this year he said, “Sure! What is soccer?” The week before practice started we bought his shin guards & socks and he proudly wore them around the house for the day anticipating his first day at soccer. And as it turns out, he adores it. Their coach is so kind, playful, and keeps them giggling. He’s having a blast. What I really love is that they barely attempt a real game of soccer but instead play silly games like “Sharks and Nemos” that encourage soccer skills. Big Brother has a huge smile on his face for the whole hour and he counts the days until next practice. It’s a score! And while Big Brother enjoys himself on the field, I get the chance to connect with the homeschooling families on the sidelines. Little One was thrilled to discover that there is a dog park next door to the field so we spent a good bit of time watching the dogs play while Big Brother kicked the ball.

And speaking of connecting with homeschooling families, I’ve been overjoyed with the number of families attending the homeschool park days in the last few weeks. My friend said that she counted at least 26 families at Monday’s park day! I love it. I regret not taking a picture of this, but this week at one of the homeschool park days I was standing on a hill overlooking the park while Little One was throwing crab apples from the nearby tree and all of the families and kids enjoying this beautiful fall day together really warmed my heart. Kids were climbing trees, swinging, playing chase, a group of girls huddled under a tree in a pow wow, boys of all ages deeply invested in various games of imagination, kids and parents sitting in the shade enjoying a snack and good conversation…and all this at 11:00 on a Monday morning. Everyone of them living the free and enriching life of homeschooling. It was picture perfect. I’ll try to capture it next week, because it is sure to repeat itself.

A few other memorable moments from the week included Little One’s increased excitement for board games, Big Brother’s long visit to the library, painting rocks at our neighborhood playground, and more kid pow wows.

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