We’re Having A{nother} Baby

“The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives.”  ~Robert Brault

I wrote this post back in July proclaiming that I was ready to wrap my mind around trying to have a third baby. I suppose it was a good thing that my heart was ready, because as it turns out my body was already there. I found out a little over a week after writing that post that I was pregnant. And now, I am just over the half way point through this pregnancy at 23 weeks. With our first baby girl!

I was down right giddy when I received the news that this new member of our family is a girl. I remember being at the playground when I got the call and I literally squealed and jumped around like a mad woman. At the time, I had not told any of my friends that we were expecting (despite the fact they had all figured it out by then…) and the second I hung up the phone I blurted out to my friend, “The boys are getting a sister!”

The boys are as excited as my husband and I. We had been openly talking about the pregnancy with them from day one, which was SUPER risky given Little One was dying to tell everyone that mama had a baby in her belly way before we were ready. Both boys had adamantly declared they wanted a sister way before we knew. When I could finally tell them their wishes were coming true, Big Brother’s response was “Of course. I always knew it was a girl.”

My boys are amazing and I would have been happy with one more but after experiencing the ups, downs, ins and outs of being a mama to two boys, I’m very curious to see what things are like with a girl. Watching friends of mine with girls and seeing the differences in their parenting experiences, I have always wondered would having a girl be that much different? Will she sit content on a picnic blanket at the park as I have so often seen my friends’ daughters do or have the never-ending need to move & go as my boys do? My guess is that it will be a bit of both, perhaps.

Disappearing belly button

Pregnancy. It’s full of so much joy and so much misery all at once. This time around I have struggled with letting go of certain pieces of my life that help me stay grounded, like my yoga practice. I am still practicing, but not nearly as often as I want or the way my body longs to practice. It takes a lot to let go and respect what my body needs now and to be okay with that. It’s the most overwhelming body transformation/take over. It really blows my mind when I stop and think about the fact that there is a little human growing inside of me. Each pregnancy has been drastically different from the one before. Big Brother’s was a walk in the park. A bit of exhaustion, but overall I felt great. Little One’s was full of nausea and the kind of exhaustion that made me feel drugged. This baby girl gave me daily headaches and weekly full-blown migraines that put me in bed for days at a time for nearly thirteen weeks straight. That first trimester can be a struggle when you are physically spent and yet aren’t ready to talk about the pregnancy with anyone. It’s hard to not be able to explain yourself or explain your wanting and needing to disappear for a while.

But then towards the end of week thirteen when the second trimester came into view, it felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I started to feel a bit more human again. Far from symptom free, but compared to where I was coming from, so much better. The excitement of finally sharing the news came a few weeks later. Along with the first flutter of movement from this baby girl around fifteen weeks. Now my girl is clearly destined for the dance floor as she flips, kicks and turns non-stop. Maybe there won’t be any calm picnics in the park after all.

A benefit to being one of the very few who decide to not stop at two kids is that most of my friends are done and eager to hand over their no longer needed baby goods. I had gotten rid of a lot of maternity and newborn items a year or so ago because I thought I was done, so it’s nice that there are several friends who are looking to unload things. Plus, girl things! Oh my goodness. That same friend who was with me when I received my news on the phone that our baby is a girl was the first one to give me my first girl item, an adorable pair of pink, flowery Dr. Martens that she had bought during her last pregnancy as a just in case she had a girl (but instead had a oh-so-loveable boy). And then a sweet embroidered dress bought by my friend in Mexico and saved for the next friend having a girl. Lucky me. Then there’s the boxes and bags of dresses, bloomers, and tights that have been rolling in ever since. After dressing my boys in cargo pants and endless blue, these items are such an exciting change. Don’t get me wrong, my girl will most definitely rock some of her brothers’ clothes because I am not above that in the least, but it is still fun to see some of the frill and lace. Not to mention the handful of dresses my mom sent me this summer (before she or I knew I was pregnant) that were mine as a baby. The ultimate in hand-me-downs!

It’s exciting times. And a bit scary. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Three kids is going to be a game changer. It will tip the scale and my husband and I will be outnumbered. I will still be lacking in family help with all grandparents being many miles away. That part is hard. Yet, I am fortunate to have a husband with a flexible work schedule and a dedication to helping make this family run smoothly. He works tirelessly to make sure everyone is happy. And in place of grandparents, I have acquired a village of dependable and thoughtful friends who I know I can count on.

So, three kids. Let’s do this.


4 thoughts on “We’re Having A{nother} Baby

  1. We have three kids also and I love the family dynamics. I’m so glad we had 3 kids. One proud mama here!!!
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Praying everything will go smooth from here on out. 🙂

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