A Holiday in Numbers

Not everything that can be counted counts. Not everything that counts can be counted.” -William Bruce Cameron

This ONE holiday season included:

4 states

7 cities

17 days on the road

3,081 miles traveled round trip

2 planes (1680 miles)

1 train (to Christmas Town to see Santa)

1 car (1401 miles)

7 cousins

3 grandmothers

3 grandfathers

4 uncles

4 aunts

15 people sleeping in one house

4 dogs

5 trips to the hot tub

2 sessions of roasting marshmallows

3 rides around town to see Christmas lights

3 special moments enjoying hot chocolate

6 pairs of matching Christmas pajamas

5 seperate occasions in which gifts were given and opened

1 walk on the beach collecting shells & building sandcastles

1 fishing and crabbing trip on the dock of the bay, 8 crabs caught (and released), 0 fish. 2 happy boys.

2 viewings of Star Wars

Endless conversation, lego building, playing, and reading about previously mentioned Star Wars

Many cozy moments of stories being read

Too many sweets

A little more time on the iPad than Mama prefers

Lots of laughs

Several tears and meltdowns (kids & parents)

An abundance of love

Forever grateful.

Hoping you and yours have also had a joyful holiday season.

Here’s to countless memories & adventures in 2016






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