A Few Small {Nesting} Moments

“By far the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant.”  ~Phyllis Diller

Home stretch. Just a handful of weeks left until this baby joins our family. As far as I’m concerned, it can’t come fast enough. The end of pregnancy can be so trying. Sleep is scarce and uncomfortable. I am down to a slow, slow waddle when I walk. It’s a strain to get dressed, stand up, or roll over in bed and when I make the mistake of getting down on the floor with the kids (which for some reason, I still do) it is a herculean effort to rise again.  I don’t remember my last two pregnancies taking such a toll on me physically. Maybe my body is a little worn out the third time around. Maybe it’s my age. Or maybe this is one of those things you conveniently forget about.

With the baby’s arrival nearing, the desire to settle in and nest has been strong. I find myself not leaving the house all that much if I can help it. It feels rather anti-social, but most days it’s what my body craves. The hardest part about the nesting urge is that I look around and think of a million little projects from organizing to cleaning that I really want to get done, but don’t have the energy or the physical ability to do them all.

Thankfully, our house is now back to being a home with the renovation being nearly finished. There are still a few odds and ends that need wrapping up, but we are mostly living in a finished space. It feels amazing. It was a long four months living with our world upside down. At times I felt like I was losing my sanity and my husband and I have decided that the level of stress we endured was a true test to the strength of our marriage. I have come to greatly appreciate the little things like running water in a kitchen sink or being able to actually cook a meal on the stove top. We are all so happy to be able to stretch out and enjoy the new space.

FullSizeRender 4
Renovation nearing the end!

As a result of my desire to settle in at home, the boys have been spending a little more time indoors than I would want for them. Thankfully my husband has been attempting to work from home as much as he can so that they can take advantage of the random days of unseasonably warm, park friendly weather. But on the days when they’re stuck with their very, very pregnant mama, I’ve been trying to keep things interesting from building cities and roads with the left over painters tape to fun science experiments exploring the states of matter with a few kitchen supplies. Big Brother has been taking an amazing science class for the last few months. The teacher is so eager to share her enthusiasm about science. Every week they enjoy hands on, engaging experiments. Big Brother is loving it and tells me that he plans to be a scientist one day. While we were enjoying a few simple experiments at home the other day with solids, liquids, and gases I asked him what he thought might happen next and he replied, “You mean, what is my hypothesis?” Love it.

Also, while spending time indoors we have taken on the task of potty training Little One. I had hoped to start this journey sooner because now I feel like we’re cutting it a little too close to the arrival of the baby, but I just couldn’t fathom taking it on during the renovation. When we were potty training Big Brother, we read and used the book Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right. As crude as the title is, I found it to be an incredibly useful and a successful road map in the uncertain and sometimes frustrating world of potty training. It really helped to have a game plan. Before writing the book, the author had an entire blog dedicated to this process and she really manages to cover every possibly scenario and problem that could arise from her experience and conversations with her blog readers. So, here we are on day four with Little One. It’s a dance of one step forward and two steps back, but we’ll get there.

Playing Legos, potty within reach.

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