An Epic Road Trip in Numbers

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.” – Jack Kerouac

We just returned home from ONE epic road trip from New England down the east coast to the Gulf of Mexico and back. Here are the numbers from that journey:

5 family members (children ages 16 months, 4 and 7, parents ages 40 and 41)
1 car (2012 Mazda 5)
3236.2 miles
26 days
80+ hours in the car
12 states
13 cities
5 rivers crossed
7 hotels
5 homes of family & friends
2 grandfathers
2 grandmothers
2 aunts
2 uncles
4 cousins
12 friends
6 museums
2 aquariums
7 antique shops
2 mountain ranges
6 playgrounds
1 zoo
1 cavern with stalactites and stalagmites
1 amazing total eclipse!!
1 camping trip on the back porch
1 hummingbird festival
27 mosquito bites (4 of them swelling up to the size of a golf ball)
4 duck flocks sighted
1 cicada shell
1 abandoned butterfly wing
1 iridescent beetle
1 hornet-like bug at least 4 inches long (that we ran from)
3 caterpillars
1,000 ants carrying 1 gigantic, dead bumblebee across a sidewalk
12 family selfies
too many hours on the iPad
tuned into 8 or 9 NPR stations
6 or 7 dance parties (DJed by Alexa, voice commanded by the kids, sometimes the parents)
14 episodes of the kid’s podcast Wow in the World
114 stories read by parents or grandparents to kids
21 read by Big Brother (either to himself or to his grandparents/parents/siblings)
6 books read by the parents
4 water gun fights
4 thunderstorms
3 date nights for parents
2 birthdays (7 & 41 years old)
5 objects created on a 3D printer at Grandma’s house
1 new baby tooth, accompanied by multiple sleepless nights
countless dips in the pool
a handful of souvenirs
belly laughs for days
a fair share of tantrums, from children and parents
gained 5-8 pounds (because it’s nearly impossible to eat well on the road)
at least 5 declarations that we would never do a trip like this again (even though we totally will)

If you want photos to go along with all those numbers, here is a mere 78 out of (I shit you not) 1,800 photos I actually took over the course of 3+ weeks on the road.


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