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Whenever I stumble upon a blog that I find intriguing, making my way to the About Me section is usually one of the first things I do. Who is this person? What are they all about? I see the same thing has happened to you.

First let me say, thanks for reading. I’m Deanna, a deep south born turned northern living mom to three lovely children. I started this blog a few years ago at the beginning of our homeschooling journey as a way to give a window into this world. For a lot of our friends and family, we were the only or one of the few homeschoolers they knew and I have found this blog to be an easy way to explain and help them to understand how and why we do what we do. Though the majority of my posts relate to homeschooling, I have been known to stray off that path and talk about family life, mama life, yogi life and sometimes just whatever inspires me to write.

I am a former elementary educator (mostly taught 2nd grade), an avid yogi for over ten years, and a play-at-home mom. I have the great fortune of being married to my best friend, a super smart philosopher, who works hard, runs fast, and rocks out with the kids every single night. In my previous life (so to speak) I received a Master’s of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Integrated Teaching through the Arts at Lesley University. I had always daydreamed of being an art teacher but was told that art teachers die at their desk and a nearly impossible position to score. Instead, I always found ways to bring art into a lot of my teaching.

In addition to my own yoga practice, I love the idea of teaching yoga to kids. I received my children’s yoga teacher training from Radiant Child Yoga and Next Generation Yoga. During my years in the classroom, I ran the kid’s yoga classes in the after-school program and after my kids were born, I ran community classes for a long time. Yet once my kid count hit three and we settled firmly into homeschooling, I’ve found it hard to muster up the energy and passion to do yoga with anyone’s kid but my own.

These days you can find me enjoying the adventure of homeschooling my kids following a self directed education through reading books, doing experiments, making art, playing games, tinkering and building, museums, going on hikes, doing yoga, singing, dancing, and exploring the endless interests of my kids.

I am honored to be a part of this lovely book. Eloquent and inspiring, this book is a powerful collection of personal stories of mothers who chose to give up or forego their careers in order to be stay-at-home moms. Choosing Home


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