Navigating Screen Time

I watched a lot of television as a kid. I am a child of the late 70s, early 80s which means I spent a lot of time with Mr. Rogers, Big Bird and Mickey Mouse, as well as the Saturday morning binge session of cartoons that range from Looney Tunes, Muppet Babies and He-Man (my little brother got to pick occasionally). Honestly, these television memories are fond ones. It was often time spent with my brother and the quality of (some of) these shows were golden. This was a time when parents were not being encouraged to limit screen time for their kids. Maybe children’s programming was on the tamer side back then. The television and media overload of today can’t be compared. There are more devices and screens than imaginable. With so many warnings and recommendations to limit screen time for my kids, I feel this urge to pull the plug altogether, despite my nostalgic feelings of TV watching as a child. I’ve never been one to go to the extreme of any one way of thinking about things. In my experience, drastic lifestyle changes are often an unsustainable way to live. A healthy, moderation feels much more realistic for my family. Plus, it is not true that all screen time is created equally. In my experience there are many ways to include technology/screen time in a thoughtful, useful way. So here are some of my thoughts on why and how we navigate screens in our family. … More Navigating Screen Time